San Jose Pilates Classes:

The soothing, stress-
relieving fitness
program that
doesn't just burn
fat fast...

It also...

Soothes body pain, helping you feel
relaxed and free

Creates mental clarity & calm

Transforms your body to be flexible,
balanced & coordinated

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The Pilates movements are easy on the
joints, and strengthen your muscles.

This means you get a body toning
workout that doesn't leave
you with aches and pains.

In fact, you'll leave feeling
more refreshed than when
you came.

Pilates works with movements that correct posture, soothe over tightened muscles, and restore your body to a naturally vibrant state. Because of this, many people are able to recover from aches and pains they've had for decades.

But even if you don't have chronic pain, your body is guaranteed to feel more vibrant and energetic after the first couple of weeks.

You'll perform very conscious movements in Pilates that will connect you more deeply with your body. The result? You'll naturally act in a way that uses less energy, increases flexibility, and avoids pain in everyday tasks.

You'll also work closely with your breath, creating a tranquil aura through every class. But this peace doesn't stop when you leave. It stays with you, helping you live a stress-free life.

Pilates is one of the few fat-burning activities that doesn't ex-
clude any age group.

Because the movements are gentle, and follow your body's
natural inclinations - it's great for anyone wanting to tone up,
and for those of us who need an exercise that's easy on the

We currently offer these 4 types of Pilates classes:

Beginner Classes

Advanced Classes

Injury Recovery / Rehabilitation Classes

Classes for Seniors Only*

(*Seniors can join any class, but if you feel more comfortable with your
age group the option is available.)

Questions? Ready
to get started?
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Can't wait to see you soon, and help you enjoy the incredible benefits of our Pilates classes.